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Is alkaline or saline soil affecting your plant growth and crop yield?

For soils that are high in sodium or magnesium, or have an unbalanced pH, we recommend Soil-Cal by Ward Chemical. After years of research and study, our Soil-Cal is an organic plant fertilizer made with a brine of naturally occurring calcium chloride that helps plants flourished.

Premium Organic Calcium Fertilizer

An Effective & Natural Fertilizer

Our premium organic calcium fertilizer quickly and effectively neutralizes soil pH and reduces soil crusting. Our blend of CaCl2 is an excellent source of calcium, which is essential for plant growth and nutrition. It also helps promote water retention and protects plants from diseases such as sclerotinia.

The key to calcium soil chemistry is solubility. Different organic calcium fertilizer compounds have a different solubility potential. Soil-Cal is a liquid calcium chloride organic plant fertilizer that is extremely soluble. With Soil-Cal, you need only gallons of application in comparison to the hundreds of pounds of a granular calcium product you would require for the same raw concentration.

Consider The Benefits Of An

Organic Fertilizer

If you have alkaline or saline problems in your soil and are trying to decide between a chemical and organic fertilizer, consider the substantial benefits of Ward Chemical’s organic calcium fertilizer.

To find out more about CaCl2 as a calcium fertilizer, contact Ward Chemical today. We are proudly Canadian and one of North America’s largest suppliers of calcium chloride organic plant fertilizer. Let us help you improve your yield!