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Why You Need

Calcium Chloride

Whether you use calcium chloride for dust control on county roads, base stabilization and road construction, odour or corrosion control, organic fertilizer, or one of the many other applications of this versatile compound, Ward Chemical has the premium quality products you need. With our strict manufacturing procedures and QC/QA programs, you can feel confident that you are receiving top quality product with every order.

Ward Chemical Is

One of North America's Largest Producers

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    Trusted Source

    As one of North America’s largest producers of calcium chloride, Ward Chemical is known for high quality and consistent liquid calcium chloride.

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    Alberta Based

    From our Calling Lake, Villeneuve and Edmonton locations, we supply standard and custom concentrations of premium calcium chloride and magnesium hydroxide blends.

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    Economical Option

    Not only is our calcium chloride the highest quality available, but it is also an affordable solution that can be custom made to suit your specific purposes.

Orders & Inquiries

    Company Overview


    Ward Chemical has been producing and manufacturing top-quality calcium chloride for more than 35 years and are proud to be the one of the largest calcium chloride producers in North America.


    Calcium chloride can benefit many industries, from rural municipalities to oilfield and manufacturing. Talk to one of Ward Chemical’s technical experts to learn more about our recommended usage and to discover how our products can be custom made to fit your specific purposes.

    Forms of Calcium Chloride

    Bulk Calcium Chloride

    Benefit from the many advantages of CaCl2. Contact us today to purchase bulk calcium chloride.

    Clear Heavy Brine

    Discover how our Clear Heavy Brine can benefit the oilfield, with a practical application as a kill fluid in oilwells.

    Calcium Chloride Inhibited

    This product has a chemical additive that can help prevent rust. Talk to a technician expert to learn more.

    Calcium Chloride Prills (Pellets)

    Circulate in shape, our calcium chloride prills can increase the product’s density. Learn more today.


    Learn more about our proprietary solution of Magnesium Hydroxide in a calcium chloride slurry.