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Whether your uses of calcium chloride include road dust control, base stabilization and road construction, odor or corrosion control, organic fertilizer, or any of the many other applications of this versatile substance, Ward Chemical delivers quality products. In fact, samples of calcium chloride are collected from every load we ship to ensure quality control.


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  • Bulk Calcium Chloride - Benefit from the many advantages of Cacl2. Contact us today to purchase bulk calcium chloride.
  • Calcium Chloride Pellets - Calcium chloride pellets are circular in shape and are one of the many forms of calcium chloride.
  • Liquid Calcium Chloride - Liquid Calcium Chloride is odorless, colorless, and non-flammable. Ward Chemical is a Canadian producer of liquid Cacl2.
  • Buy Calcium Chloride - Buy calcium chloride from Ward Chemical. We sell flakes, pellets, and liquid Cacl2.
  • Calcium Chloride Supplier - We offer competitive prices, prompt shipment and specialized customer service. We are the no.1 calcium chloride supplier in Canada.

Ward Chemical wants to be your supplier of calcium chloride.


Ward Chemical produces “Heavy Brine Plus”, a modified calcium chloride (CaCl2) brine with densities ranging from 1370 – 1700 kg/m3. This economical solution can be custom made to suit your specific purpose for well completion control workovers.

As one of North America's largest producers, Ward Chemical has become a trusted source for high quality and consistent analysis liquid calcium chloride. From our Calling Lake (Alberta, Canada) well site and our Villeneuve upgrader (Alberta, Canada), we supply standard and custom concentrations of premium calcium chloride and magnesium hydroxide to satisfied customers across North America.

  • water treatment

  • refrigeration

  • cement accelerator

  • other applications

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